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Beaten to a Pulp

on September 6, 2011

Good god, y’all! What an exciting couple of weeks its been here. I hope you’ve got a cup of tea with you there, and maybe a slice of cake too.

The first, most yippee-making bit of news (and if you are following me on Twitter, you will be sick of hearing about this already, so please accept my apologies and have a second slice of cake) is that, after months of chattering, procrastinating and wrestling with technology (computers do NOT like me), we have finally launched our film podcast Third Row Centre. This is basically myself and a bunch of fellow film-lovers and all-round good guys from my department sat in our living room spouting off about movies. In the case of our pilot episode, a whole summer’s worth of movies. Anyway, if you haven’t already, pop on over to the blog there, have a nose around, and maybe listen in. See, I told you you’d need that cake.

The rest of the news is much more pedestrian. The slog of the thesis continues. I spent a ruck of money on a ruck of Models Own make-up in their 50% off facebook sale (more about that in a future post). I made some fairy cakes. We went to the beach in the rain. Rick watched the first episode of the second half of this series of Doctor Who without me, and I got in a grump, until I watched it and it turned out to be not that good anyway.

Brixton Academy

When Pulp announced two gigs at Brixton Academy after their festival tour this summer, I knew I had to go. I knew so badly that I paid £5 to get crappy wireless internet in a crappy cheap hotel just so that I could get tickets on the day they went on pre-sale. Thankfully, it was worth it. Wanting to make the most of being London-bound, we booked a couple of nights in Covent Garden Travelodge so that we could enjoy it properly. Before the gig, we headed to the really lovely Trinity Arms in Brixton. This was hands down one of the best pubs I’ve ever been in (and I like to think I’ve done my research!). It had great ales, reasonably priced and tasty fresh food, a wonderful atmosphere and, best of all, a COLOURING COMPETITION! That’s right. Every table had this cute little painted pint glass full of felt tips on it along with drawing sheets. Like this:

This will require more beer...

I mean, how cool is that? A colouring competition. For adults. In a pub! I felt like I’d hit the jackpot. Armed with some helpful input from Rick, I set about creating this work of art:


It's a bloody masterpiece, is what it is.


I drawed this!

And if the satisfaction and fun of being able to legitimately colour-in in public, aged 24, isn’t enough, the Trinity Arms also give a £25 bar tab and a place on the wall of fame to the top 5 entries. I’m still waiting to hear from them, like, but I’m sure they’ll be in touch… If you ever find yourself in Brixton do pop along there for a pint, say hi to the friendly staff, and have a go yourself.

So a burger and chips and three pints later, we were off to the Academy to see Pulp. It was a brilliant night, which passed in a flurry of dancing, bopping and singing til my throat was sore. The band were incredible, and, although I usually like to take a bit of time during every gig to have a nose at what the drummer’s doing, or the bassist etc, it was really, really difficult to take my eyes of Jarvis. The man is magnetic. Especially when he’s humping a speaker and singing This Is Hardcore. There were some firm favourites of mine in the set, including Lipgloss (which is a very important song to me) and Underwear, as well as the usual suspects (Disco 2000) and some rarieties like Countdown.I had a wonderful time, and many thanks to the great people of Brixton Academy – it was tremendous fun to thrash around with you all to the chorus of Common People. Ah, it brings a tear to my eye just remembering it.

Pulp - Common People

In that case I'll have a rum and coca-cola.

I was on such a high from the gig that I found it really difficult to sleep that night, despite knowing that I had to get up the next morning to go visit the Doctor Who Experience! After recommendations from Nic and Róisín, we decided that we must add this to our London itenary. We also got a £5 off code with Doctor Who magazine, so it worked out pretty reasonable in the end. You can’t take photos during the actual “experience” bit, so I won’t ruin it, but suffice to say it was lots of fun. You get to be a companion in a Doctor Who adventure and help the Eleventh Doctor out of (another) pandorica. Here he is thanking me for helping him out:

Meeting the Doctor

Meeting the Doctor

As you can see, he was really thrilled to have had my help. We had lots of fun messing about in the exhibition after, even if we were a little self-conscious at being the only couple there without any sprogs running around. We particularly enjoyed the 9th/10th Doctor’s tardis:

Rick's Tardis

Tardis Rick

Lauren's Tardis

I'm surprised they let me that near the console...

There were also some great monsters about. I made friends with a cyberman, then learnt to walk like one:




Learning to walk. They always said it would happen someday.

As you can see, the “walk like a cyberman” exhibit (which was a video of the show’s choreographer talking you through how to do the walk) was very poorly attended at this point. Five minutes later, I noticed in the mirror that about 8 children had appeared behind me! LT, leading the way since 1986.

Finally, we had a giggle about this sign:
Toilets behind the pandorica

Well, where else would you put them?!

After the Doctor Who Experience, we headed back for even more Who-ey goodness at the Cartoon Museum, who are currently holding an exhibition of Doctor Who In Comics: 1964 – 2011. Even though the land of Doctor comics is all a bit foreign to me, I had a great time nosing at all the plates, and am quite tempted now to try reading a few. The rest of the Cartoon Museum is well worth a visit too, I particuarly enjoyed seeing early sketches of some of the Manga Shakespeare titles (which I love) and the Peanuts strip! The Cartoon Museum is situated near the British Museum, at 35 Little Russell Street, and is well worth a visit. The Doctor Who in Comics exhibition runs til 30th October, and entry is just £3 for students. There was also a lovely drawing studio upstairs which had me itching to get out my felt tips again. For Rick’s sake, I resisted, and we went and had fish and chips, followed by a walk along the South Bank to the Tate Modern. We were quite tired by this point, and we ended up spending an awful lot of time sat watching Jenny Holzer’s hypnotic Blue Purple Tilt (2007). I think we could have quite happily stared at that all day!

We were at a bit of a loss as to what to do in the evening, and after dismissing shows, the cinema and comedy clubs we settled on just propping up a few bars and then heading for a late night Chinese. I had a lovely evening just soaking it all in, though I slightly regretted the pitcher of Long Island Iced Tea on the train home the next morning!

A restful weekend was very much needed after all that gallavanting, and thankfully we managed to fit in a lot of lazing around, seeing friends (including an X-Files night!) and sleeping. We also headed out on Saturday night to celebrate Nic‘s thesis submission. I had my first ever Jagerbomb (photo evidence not available, sadly) and a very jolly time. Sadly the music, which is normally a good mix of 90s/00s indie/pop, was a bit of a let down, erring towards the 00s/poppy end of the spectrum, but the company was great and that’s what’s important.

Phew, that was quite an exhausting adventure in blogland, wasn’t it? Look, I’ve finished all my tea.

Next time, I promise to blog little and often so I don’t tire you all out.

Til then!



2 responses to “Beaten to a Pulp

  1. Roisin says:

    Aww! I didn’t notice the sign but when Nic and I were there I did have a picture of me hugging the Pandorica. So glad you had a good time – we need to put this Cyberman walking into practice on the streets of Leam, I think!

  2. Lauren Thompson says:

    Haha, absolutely. I did try my Cyberman walk out on the way to the station the next morning, but Rick told me I wasn’t lifting my knees up high enough. “A 45 degree angle, she said!”

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