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Cherry Bomb

on August 17, 2011

After a few weeks of loosing hours each day to endless internet searches pining over the gorgeous Melissa & Vivienne Westwood  ‘Lady Dragon’ shoe, and coming to terms with the fact that my feet will never be the same size as Dolly Clackett‘s, so I can’t borrow hers, I finally caved. Well, it wasn’t caving, my willpower is immense. More, I decided to (ahem) reward myself for a cracking week’s work on the thesis by buying a pair of these wonderful shoes.

And what a pair! I’d mostly been focusing on getting some blue/grey ones, as they were the colour that I felt was currently lacking in my shoe-wardrobe (swardrobe?). However, when the gorgeous cherry ones came up in my size on ebay, brand new in box, I knew they were “the Two”. And to prove that we were meant to be together, here is an outfit shot:

Cherry shoes outfit

H&M broderie anglaise dress, Peacock's cardi, Vivienne Westwood Melissa Lady Dragon shoes

Please ignore the weird grin and unmade-up face, but do take time to appreciate the matching nail-polish! Anyway, as Róisín promised, these shoes go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe, but since today was their first outing, I wanted to make them feel especially co-ordinated, right down to the cherry earrings that you can just see peeping out there!

These shoes are, as the hype would have you believe, immensely comfortable. The insoles are really springy and the heel is a very manageable 4cm. I guess the peep toe and vamp might rub if you don’t use an anti-friction stick, but I didn’t have this problem (thanks to said trusty blister stick, again recommended by Róisín – what would I do without that girl?!).

Anyway, me and my shoes went on a lovely jaunt to Hayley‘s house, where I managed to get lots of annoying fiddly little work jobs done in good company and with interesting teas! I just love afternoons like that.

Now I’m off to help Rick with the jambalaya, maybe have an ale and plot what to wear these babies with next…


2 responses to “Cherry Bomb

  1. Roisin says:

    Yay! They look gorgeous with that outfit, you are so co-ordinated! I’ll lend you my green wrap dress from Phase Eight – they go amazingly with that…. ooooh and your ladybird Vivien of Holloway dress….. they really DO go with everything!

  2. Lauren Thompson says:

    aw, thanks lovely! I knew you’d approve. Aren’t they sooo comfy though? I’m amazed. Like you, I now want them in every colour!

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