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Meet Me In St. Merryn

on July 28, 2011

It’s a sticky, humid and overcast afternoon here in toomanydresses land, and I am busy avoiding homework and housework, so I thought I’d pop on the old blog to give you all an update.

Somewhere that isn’t sticky and humid (but has a propensity to overcasted-ness) is the North coast of Cornwall, where me and my better half ventured recently for a week away from what grown ups like to call “real life”. Having delighted in 10 days in Scotland last year, where Rick spent many a happy childhood holiday, we decided (read: I insisted) that this year we visit a place that played a big part in my youth. My memories of Cornwall are plentiful, delightful and often farcical (two particular highlights: my granddad plunging head first through a hedge and down a 5ft drop into a thicket of brambles and nettles trying to catch a rounders ball, and my dad having to drive back home from the beach after a boogie boarding session with a black and white polka dot changing towel around his waist having forgotten to bring any dry shorts with him).

What is less easy to remember, when you’re away from the place for a while,  is the oddly exciting and strangely magical feeling that you get as you meander up and down the coastal roads and paths. I use the second person pronoun here because, while I acknowledge that this frisson might possibly be only detectable to me, it seems so enormous and wonderful that I can’t help but feel that everyone must experience it. I mean, look at this:

Round Hole, Trevone

Stunning Cornish coastline at Trevone

…and tell me you’re not already a little bit excited?

It can’t just be the coast that I love though. Heck, there are miles and miles of beautiful coastline all around this sceptred isle. Part of what makes Cornwall special though, is the sea. Sea like this:

Waves at Porthcothan

Waves at Porthcothan

This was taken at about 7pm on the Saturday of our arrival and, believe me, it took everything I had in me not to dive headfirst into that surf with my body board in tow. Though of course, at 7pm there are no lifeguards and you would either have to be very stupid or an expert in rip tides (oceanography, long word fans!) to even attempt such folly. So I contented myself with a paddle, though I did struggle a little bit putting my shoes and socks back on afterwards, a moment that Rick, ever averse to sand in between his toes, delighted in documenting:

Wet Feet

Check out that balance! I think my yogi friends would be proud.

Also, there is something weirdly awesome and indescribable about the light in Cornwall – I think (scientifically) it is to do with it being surrounded by so much sea – but in my head it’s just because it’s a magical fairy land.

Anyway, enough airy-fairyness, there are plenty of concrete reasons why we had an awesome time in Cornwall too, most of them tastebud-related. Our culinary tour of Kernow included, but was not restricted to: multiple cream teas, multiple pasties, fish and chips (twice), and lots of lovely pub meals. We also managed to have a couple of meals at The Cornish Arms, a pub run by Rick Stein, serving very reasonably priced and very tasty meals. The service there is really friendly and excellent even though they are so very busy – I was most impressed at how nice they were to a very tricky customer that was sat on the table next to us one night, because even I was ready to lamp her.

We also had a special lunch at Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Cornwall. We’re big fans of the Jamie’s Italian chain, and I knew from previous visits to Cornwall that Watergate Bay would be a truly breathtaking setting. You can see how excited Rick was:

Fifteen Cornwall
“Stop taking photos and let me go eat, woman!”

Aside from some amazing food (I had like a meatball soup thing, duck and carrot cake), we were also treated to a window table with this view:

Watergate Bay from Fifteen Cornwall
Watergate Bay from Fifteen Cornwall

Not only was this very pretty, it was also great entertainment – watching all the people on the beach flying kites, walking to the sea, digging in the sand etc. This took on a new level of hilarity when someone drew a giant penis in the sand, which amused not only us but the waitresses too.

Anyway, all that eating called for some serious exercise to burn off all that clotted cream – and we managed to pack in plenty of walks, a 10 mile cycle along the Camel Trail, and some boogie boarding. I was pleased that Rick seemed to enjoy the boogie boarding (it is highly addictive, I find) so maybe I’ll be able to get him back to Cornwall in the not-too-distant future.


Chilling out at Tintagel (there are a lot of steps...)

Sunset at Treyarnon

Ahhh, Cornwall...

No worries…


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