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Make do and mend

on March 7, 2009

I have several pressing matters that need to be dealt with before uni on Monday, but I just had to come on here and have a rant about this ridiculous article on the BBC.

I think, perhaps, I must have lost my invite to this “fairyland” of excess that supposedly anyone below the age of 40 is supposed to live in. “Children of that generation [the 40s and 50s] know very well the familiar signs of looking in parents’ fridges and seeing things past their sell-by dates,” popularist economist David Kynaston chirrups. He seems to feel that a pack of ham or a rouge yoghurt dated Feb 28 wouldn’t be languishing in my refridgerator ready for tomorrow’s lunch. He’s very wrong, and his complete lack of touch with reality seems to suggest what might have put us in this mess in the first place. Real families in Britain do spend sensibly, they do shop in charity shops and mend holes in their clothes and they certainly wouldn’t chuck away a carton of eggs because the label on the front said that they might be no good (as my Dad always says ‘they never used to put sell by dates on eggs! They’re fine!’). Yes, we might buy into some of the more convenient aspects of consumerism – my household has recently accquired a new dishwasher, for example – but you can bet the kitchen won’t see another one for a good 10 years.

As a final aside, the saving vs spending debate is extremely interesting. It does make me feel good every time I make a purchase though…new floral raincoat? Just doing my bit for the economy.


3 responses to “Make do and mend

  1. Hayles says:

    A new floral raincoat has always been the answer to an economy in decay! I saw Gordon wearing one just the other day (and he looked dashing, might I add).

  2. Sarah Wharton says:

    I hate the viewpoint of older people that all “young” people are consumerist wasters. I can’t count the number of times I’ve mended holes in my tights with clear nail varnish rather than binning them!

  3. toomanydresses says:

    Ah-ha yes, the old nail varnish trick. Every girl should have a bottle in her handbag! Does anyone know any tips for how to save tights if they go bobbly though? A few pairs of mine have gone a bit funny around where the tops of my boots usually sit and where I cross my legs! And, as you say, I hate binning them.

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