Too Many Dresses

doctor of romcoms, twee as fuck

Pretty Promises…

on February 1, 2009

Ah, yes, that all important first post…

I’m hoping that this blog will provide a place for me to muse on various occupations of mine, namely my hopefully burgeoning academic career (and my current capacity as a Masters student studying Film and Television) and a bunch of other, slightly more vacuous stuff (like buying dresses, wearing dresses, accessorising dresses and watching repeats of Friends) as this is basically what my life entails at the moment. I’m hoping to update anyone who is interested on my progress with my research (which currently concerns masculinity and ideology in the homme-com genre; a study of Apatow Pictures and independence; and hopefully soon an examination of recent fish-out-of-water comedies set in New York with a focus on the subject confronting (post)modernity), perhaps ramble a bit about films I have seen (in conjunction with my writing for fabulous film blog Atlas Film) and use this as a general exercise in self-indulgence (though hopefully future posts will feature less parenthesis).

Feel free to comment, shout out, poke fun or just listen in.


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